Shop Settings

Set the personas to be used in the AI In-Game Shop and utilize the analytical metrics for more efficient management

In the AI In-Game Shop > Settings/Overview page in the TentuPlay console, you can check the metrics for each segment and based on expected value, can selectively choose which persona groups are to be used in the AI In-Game Shop.

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The Settings/Overview page of the TentuPlay console

Set Active Personas

In the AI In-Game Shop > Settings/Overview page you can turn personas on or off via the Activate toggle. You can identify personas that are not performing well at the AI In-Game Shop > Persona Analysis page, and can turn off analysis and messages.

The Settings/Overview page’s settings control the entire AI In-Game Shop and depending on whether they are active, show the following results.

  • If the Active toggle is set to off, all analysis and messages cease from the next day.

  • If the Active toggle is set to on, the AI In-Game Shop messages are sent and the analysis of persona based segments can be found at AI In-Game Shop > Persona Analysis .

The Activate by Persona toggle for the AI In-Game Shop

Check Importance By Persona

You can check the analysis results of personas in following two pages in TentuPlay console. Check the performance per persona and utilize it in operation of AI In-Game Shop. The information you can check by page is as follows:

  • AI In-Game Shop > Settings/Overview

    • # of Players: The numbers of players within the noted segment.

    • ARPPU (Average Revenue Per Paying User): The average amount a single paying user spends.

    • Sample Message: A sample of a message that could be sent to the respective segment. This is not the actual message that will be sent, it should be used as a reference to help decide whether to turn off a segment or not.

Overview by Persona
  • AI In-Game Shop > Persona Analysis

    • Notable Personas: Find out which personas have the largest affects on retention, IAPs, and in-game ad watches.

    • Retention: Analysis of retention rate by persona

    • In-App Purchases: Analysis of IAP rate by persona

After checking the overall metrics in Settings/Overview, If there are personas you would like further analysis on, refer to the analysis results on the Persona Analysis page. You can increase retention rate, revenue, and in-game ad views by utilizing the characteristics of personsa that are performing well.

TentuPlay segments players into both persona based and purchased based segments. Because of this, a user can be identified to be within 2 or more segments.

Next Step

If you have finished the basic set up to use the AI In-Game Shop, move on to the next step to learn how to set up shop for operation.