Message Preview

Check and manage personalized AI In-Game Shop messages

At the AI In-Game Shop > Shop Operation > Message Preview page you can check the messages that were created for every user. (All messages are sent at 0:00 UTC.)

  • ID: Each player’s unique ID

  • User ID: Each players ID name

  • Persona: Each player’s persona group

  • Date of Latest Message Creation: The date and time of the latest created message

  • Created Message: The created message code content

Depending on whether the Activate toggle in the AI In-Game Shop > Settings/Overviewpage is toggled on or off and the Send toggle in theAI In-Game Shop > Shop Operation > Setting/Managementis toggled on or off will affect the analysis and creation of messages in the following way:

  • Activate on & Send on: Analysis of the segment and message creation will happen

  • Activate on & Send off: Analysis of the segment will happen, message will not be created

  • Activate off: No analysis or message creation will happen (the segment will not be shown in theAI In-Game Shop > Shop Operation > Setting/Management page)