Setting Up Shop

These are required settings which must be done in the following order.

In the TentuPlay console at the AI In-Game Shop > Shop Operation > Setting/Managementpage’s Upload Information tab, upload a product information file. Do so in the following fashion.

Upload at the Upload Information tab in the Settings/Management page
The AI In-Game Shop will not operate without a product information file, so it is important to prioritize uploading the product information file. Once the file has been uploaded, you can utilize the Shop Settings.

1. Check the Sample File

First, download the sample.csv, check the formatting of the file, and create a product information file that fits the format of the sample.csv.

sample csv

The meaning of each column is as follows:

Name Description Required


The name of the item being sold



The name of app store platform provider



The unique index of the item being sold



The beginning date and time of a promotion or an item’s sale



The ending date and time of a promotion or an item’s sale



A link to where the item can be purchased


  • If you want to make a field null, leave the cell blank.

  • The purchasable_slug is the name that is recorded within TentuPlay’s event methods, must be the same value as the unique slug used in game.

  • The product_index is the unique index of a promotion or product that is used by the game developer

  • The start_datetime and end_datetime values are used when a promotion or a product has a start and/or end date. If there is no time limit to the promotion or sale, you can leave these values empty or set the start_datetime to a date far in the past (ex. 1970-01-01).

  • The standard used for start_datetime and end_datetime is ISO 8601. Keep this in mind when implementing time zones. (ex. 2021-09-23 19:30+09:00)

2. File Upload

Click the Upload File button and upload the created product information file. The file must be the same format of file as the sample.csv. After a successful upload, you can download the product information file at any time to check if its content and format are correct.

The file has been successfully uploaded

If you wish to change the uploaded product information file, click the Upload File button and upload a new file. The previously uploaded product information file will be overwritten.

3. Setting Sending Messages

At the AI In-Game Shop > Shop Operation > Setting/Management's Shop Settings tab, you can toggle the send toggle off if there is a persona you don’t wish to send a message too. By default, the toggle is set to on and if changed to off, messages will not be sent from the following day.

a4 (1)

TentuPlay offers 29 user segments (12 persona based, 17 purchase based). If you turn a persona at the AI In-Game Shop > Settings/Overview, then the persona will not show in the Setting/Management page, so if there is a persona that is not showing on the page check the Activate toggle in the Settings/Overview.