Terms of Service





1. Definition

The definitions of terms used in this agreement are as follows.

1.1. “Service” refers to all services provided by SENTIENCE such as SDK, API, server, storage, DB, network, and IT solutions.

1.2. “Client” refers to an individual, corporation, public institution, etc. that connects to the TENTUPLAY service provided by SENTIENCE and signs a use contract with SENTIENCE in accordance with this agreement.

2. Publication and Revision of Agreement

2.1. SENTIENCE may change this Agreement to the extent that it does not violate related South Korean laws such as the ‘Act on Regulation of Terms and Conditions’.

2.2. If SENTIENCE changes this Agreement, it will be notified through TENTUPLAY’s website by specifying the effective date and reason for the revision. However, if the amendment is revised to be unfavorable in relation to the rights and obligations of the Client, individual notifications are made 30 days before the effective date using the notification method specified in 8.1.

2.3. In spite of the fact that SENTIENCE has notified or notified the amendment in accordance with the preceding paragraph 2.2., the Client does not express the intention of rejection within 30 days, it is assumed that the Client has agreed to the change of this Agreement.

2.4. If the Client does not agree to the application of the amendment, SENTIENCE or the Client may terminate the contract. In this case, SENTIENCE will notify the Client the reason for termination, termination date, and any refund charges, in writing, by email or equivalent.

3. Interpretation of this Agreement

For matters not specified in this Agreement, the provisions are interpreted in accordance with related laws and other related laws, such as the Act on Regulation of Terms and Conditions, the Basic Act on Electronic Transactions, the Electronic Signature Act, the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization, and etc.

4. Service Registration Process

4.1. In order to use TENTUPLAY’S Service, Client will need to register and agree with this Agreement, SENTIENCE approves it. Client agrees to provide accurate, current and complete information about the Account, which includes all individual Authorized User Accounts. SENTIENCE reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Client Account or any individual Authorized User’s Account, if any information provided during the registration process or thereafter is or becomes inaccurate, false or misleading.

4.2. SENTIENCE agrees to use the service for the Client. However, SENTIENCE may terminate the service contract if it does not approve any of the following applications or if any of the following reasons occur.

  • If the Client has previously lost Clientship in accordance with this Agreement. However, exceptions are made when the approval of re-registration is obtained.

  • If it is not your real name or uses someone else’s name

  • In case false information is entered, or the content suggested by SENTIENCE is not entered

  • If the Client under the age of 14 does not have the consent of the legal representative

  • When the Client has an amount to be paid to the Sentience

  • When the Client for subscription is in arrears with the service usage fee or has inappropriate service usage history

  • In case approval is not possible due to reasons attributable to the Client, or when applying in violation of other prescribed matters

4.3. SENTIENCE may withhold approval of Client if there is no room for service or if there is a technical or business problem.

5. Change of Client’s Information

5.1. Client can check and modify their personal information at any time on the personal information management page of the website.

5.2. If the information entered at the time of Clientship application is changed, the Client must revise the information through the service website or notify SENTIENCE through email or other methods.

5.3. SENTIENCE is not responsible for any disadvantages arising from inaccurate personal information provided by the Client to SENTIENCE or not notifying SENTIENCE of the changes in the preceding paragraph.

6. Privacy and Security Policy

SENTIENCE’s Privacy and Security Policy is incorporated herein for all purposes and each Party agrees to the provisions contained therein. If any portion of this Agreement conflicts with any portion of the Privacy and Security Policy, the Privacy and Security Policy shall govern for all purposes.

7. Client’s Obligations on Client Information Management

7.1. Clients are responsible for managing their ID and password and preventing third parties from using it.

7.2. Clients must notify SENTIENCE immediately if they become aware that their Account is being stolen or used by a third party, and follow SENTIENCE’s instructions.

7.3. Client is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of Client’s passwords and Account, including all user names and passwords information assigned to its Authorized Users, and agrees to notify SENTIENCE if any of the passwords is lost, stolen, or disclosed to an unauthorized third-party, or otherwise may have been compromised. Client is responsible for all activities that occur under the Client Account, including the activities carried out by individual employees. SENTIENCE shall not be held liable for any disadvantages arising from the Client’s violation of the obligations of this section or the failure to follow SENTIENCE’s instructions.

8. Notice to Clients

8.1. If SENTIENCE is required to notify you, SENTIENCE will notify you using the email address registered by you when applying for service, unless otherwise specified in this Agreement.

8.2. SENTIENCE replaces individual notification by posting it on the service website when it is difficult to notify individual due to non-inscription or change of contact information of clients, or when notifications are made to a number of unspecified clients.

9. SENTIENCE’s rights and obligations

9.1. SENTIENCE complies with the relevant laws, regulations and this Agreement, and makes every effort to provide continuous and stable service.

9.2. In the event of a failure that interferes with the normal operation of the service, SENTIENCE will do its best to maintain or restore the service as soon as possible and to operate the service stably.

9.3. SENTIENCE shall handle any opinions or complaints raised by Clients related to the use of the service as legitimate, and may communicate the process and results to Clients through TENTUPLAY’s discord channel and e-mails.

9.4. In order to operate the service smoothly, SENTIENCE may collect and store personal information of Clients according to the privacy policy posted on the service website. The company does not provide the Client’s personal information to a third party without the Client’s prior consent. However, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, exceptions may be made when a request for the provision of personal information of a Client through a warrant issued by a court or other judicial institution for investigation purposes, and etc.

9.5. SENTIENCE does not access Client’s information or process data related to the service for purposes other than the terms of use. However, only when access is necessary for smooth service provision such as handling of disability and protection of Client’s information, the Client’s information can be accessed and identified.

9.6. SENTIENCE obtains the consent of the Client when data processing such as deletion or modification is necessary to provide smooth service for the Client’s information identified in accordance with clause 9.5. However, even if the Clients do not agree, if it interferes with the company’s service operation and other Clients' use of the service, SENTIENCE may suspend the Client’s use of the service, and the procedure is as stipulated in 15.2.

9.7. SENTIENCE may post your name, logo, and content without additional charge for the purpose of introducing your service use. However, at the request of the Client, the posting may be suspended or reposted under mutual agreement.

10. Client obligations

10.1. Clients must pay the usage fee before the specified payment due date.

10.2. Clients shall comply with relevant laws, this Agreement, operation policies, user guides, technical manuals, development guides, and matters notified by SENTIENCE, and interfere with the operation of other SENTIENCE services or the use of other Clients' services. You must not violate the rights of third parties. In this regard, SENTIENCE may install and operate a menu on the service website to notify the company or report illegal activities of Clients.

10.3. Clients shall not engage in any of the following acts in relation to the use of the service, and SENTIENCE may suspend the Client’s use of the service or terminate the use contract without prior notice in the event of any of the following.

  • Misuse of service accounts of other Clients and third parties

  • Activities for the purpose of criminal or related to other criminal activities

  • Violation of the rights of others (including SENTIENCE), such as intellectual property rights

  • Hacking or spreading computer viruses

  • Accessing the service using a method other than the method provided by SENTIENCE.

  • Unauthorized collection and use of SENTIENCE’s user information or providing it to others

  • Sending commercial information for commercial purposes in violation of related laws and regulations using the service

  • Developing programs that violate laws, such as obscene or copyright infringement

  • Any act of copying, modifying, distributing, selling, transferring, lending, providing collateral, or permitting others to use the service provided by SENTIENCE or a part of the software included therein.

  • Actions such as reverse engineering software provided by SENTIENCE or attempting to extract source code

  • If parameters required for service use, namely the profile of the service account (name, email address, company name, etc.), information of the application/service (service name, icon, etc.) are falsely entered or written differently (even if the information has changed Including cases in which past information is retained without modification, or the link of the shortened domain is changed and used for illegal purposes after registration of the shortened domain, and similar cases)

  • SENTIENCE or this service, such as Article 27-2 of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection (Privacy of Personal Information Processing Policy), Article 20 of the Personal Information Protection Act (Notice of the source of collection of personal information collected from other than the information subject) Violation of laws and regulations to be observed in the use of user personal information provided/consigned through or collected by itself, provision to a third party, or consignment of processing

  • The act of using the service with the primary purpose of redirecting users from the service operated by SENTIENCE to the outside.

  • The act of using this service on an application or web that displays/processes specific content, such as content advocating racial or ethnic discrimination

  • Any action that may interfere with or may interfere with the stable operation of the service

  • The act of notifying the media or users that the error occurred at SENTIENCE’s responsibility even though an error occurred in the service operated by the Client for reasons not related to the service provided by SENTIENCE.

  • Using the service to cause inconvenience or damage to the users of SENTIENCE’s service or Client’s service (including cases that occur in the service of a Client connected through the service)

10.4. Clients shall not copy, reproduce, alter, translate, publish, broadcast, enter into search engines or directories without SENTIENCE’s prior consent the information (including data, secret keys, access tokens, etc.) obtained by using the service and developer documentation. You cannot use it in a way or give it to others.

10.5. When SENTIENCE requests the provision of data or access rights or clarification of related facts in order to provide services or confirm violation of this Agreement, the Client must act in good faith.

10.6. The Client should check the version update of the functions provided by SENTIENCE through the service including the software development kit (SDK) from time to time.

10.7. The Client must comply with all of the following items in relation to the protection of personal information in programs operated by the Client. If SENTIENCE becomes aware of the breach of the obligations in this section, SENTIENCE may restrict the Client’s use of the service or terminate the contract.

  • Enter the items to match the actual service contents such as the Client’s program in the service website setting page

  • Encrypted processing when sending and receiving personal information provided by SENTIENCE

  • Sincerely comply with the obligations of Clients under laws related to the protection of personal information such as the Act on Promotion of Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, and etc.

10.8. In the process of using a technology or API that can collect/analyze user data, if a Client provides the service user’s data to SENTIENCE, the Client shall comply with the Personal Information Protection Act, the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection Act, and etc. You must comply with laws and regulations, guidelines and guidelines of related organizations.

10.9. If damage occurs to SENTIENCE as a result of the Client’s violation of the obligations specified in this Article, SENTIENCE may claim damages against the Client.

11. Provision of services

11.1. The services provided by SENTIENCE may be provided differentially depending on the Client.

11.2. SENTIENCE provides service 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. However, if the company needs to inspect the facility, or if the use of the service is hindered by force majeure such as equipment failure or congestion of service use, the use of the service may be restricted in whole or in part. In this case, SENTIENCE will notify the Client in the manner specified in 8. However, if there is an unavoidable reason that SENTIENCE cannot notify in advance, it may be notified after the fact.

11.3. If it is essential to provide the service, SENTIENCE may conduct regular inspections, and the schedule is as announced on the service website.

12. Service Changes

12.1. SENTIENCE may provide information on the service application procedure and usage method, and other details of the service through the website, and Clients should carefully check this before using the service.

12.2. The Company may add or change the type or price of the service only if new information is posted on the service website or notified to the Client in accordance with clause 9. In order to avoid misunderstanding, if a change could adversely affect the rights and obligations of the Client, the Client will be notified under the conditions set out in clause 8 and retain the rights set out in clause 2.4.

13. Attribution of rights

13.1. Copyright and intellectual property rights in the service belong to SENTIENCE.

13.2. In connection with the service, SENTIENCE grants the Client only the right to use the account, service website, and etc. In accordance with this Agreement set by SENTIENCE, the Client shall not transfer, sell, and sell the service to a third party without SENTIENCE’s consent. Disposal such as providing collateral is not permitted.

14. Assignment

14.1. The Client shall not arbitrarily transfer, or dispose of any rights and obligations under this Agreement or other rights under this Agreement to another person.

14.2. If a reason for inheritance, merger, or division occurs to the Client and a third party other than the Client (hereinafter referred to as the “assignee”) succeeds to the legal status of the Client’s service contract with the company, the Client and the transferee shall immediately contact the company. Documents proving succession of status must be attached and notified according to the method and procedure specified by the company.

14.3. In case of any change of Client information in accordance with clause 14.2., the transferee is responsible for fully fulfilling this Agreement of the service contract prior to succession. In the event of succession-related problems, the Client and the transferee are jointly liable.

15. Suspension or termination of service by SENTIENCE

15.1. SENTIENCE may suspend the Client’s use of the service without prior notice in the following cases:

  • If the Client has not paid the fee by the payment date

  • When a Client uses the service for purposes contrary to national interests or public interests

  • When a Client violates relevant laws or uses the service against public ethics or order

  • When the Client’s actions damage the reputation of others or cause disadvantages

  • When a government agency requests or orders a temporary suspension of service in accordance with legal procedures

  • A manner in which the Client avoids the conditions set by SENTIENCE for the use of the service (for example, to use the service for free or to receive special offers accessing or using the service by creating or deleting essential installation programs without permission)

  • In case of violating related laws, this Agreement, or the contract set by SENTIENCE

15.2. In the event of a suspension of a Client’s use of the service for any reason in accordance with clause 15.1., SENTIENCE will notify the Client of the reason for the suspension, the period of suspension and the formal objection method. SENTIENCE may restore the Client’s right to use the service only if the reason for clause 15.1. has been completely eliminated or is no longer valid.

15.3. If the reason for suspension of use continues to exist, SENTIENCE will terminate this Service Agreement and notify the Client in the manner specified in Article 8.

15.4. The Company reserves the right to charge incurred during the period of service suspension due to the reasons described in Article 15.

16. Service Cease

16.1. SENTIENCE may cease to provide services if:

  • In case of unavoidable reasons such as termination/termination of contracts between the company and a third party related to service provision, facility repairs, and other maintenance work

  • When there is a risk of failure in normal service operation due to a national emergency, equipment defect, or rapid increase in service use

  • When the company cannot provide a substantially stable service due to unavoidable reasons such as natural disasters

  • When telecommunication service providers stop telecommunication services

16.2. If SENTIENCE is in the event of falling under clause 16.1.(a), we will notify you of the suspension of the service by using the notification method specified by the Client in advance or by posting on the service website. However, if prior notice is not possible due to service interruption beyond SENTIENCE’s control (SENTIENCE’s unintentional, negligent facility failure, system failure, etc.), we cannot notify you in advance.

16.3. The Company may temporarily suspend the service without prior notice for matters specified in clause 17.1., 17.2., 17.3., and 17.4.

17. Suspension or termination of service by Client

17.1. If the Client wishes to suspend or terminate the Service Contract, it must notify SENTIENCE through e-mail. Under the normal conditions, SENTIENCE will either suspend the service or terminate the service contract on the date requested by the Client according to the schedule of suspension. However, if there are still usage fees to be paid on the day the Client requests the termination of the contract, the cancellation process can only proceed after the Client has paid the usage fee.

17.2. (deleted)

17.3. When the cancellation of the Client is completed, SENTIENCE will delete all Client information and all Client resources (analysis data, etc.), except for Client information that is retained in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act and related laws and personal information processing policies.

17.4. In the event that the Service Contract is terminated, it may be restricted to re-subscribe with the information of the Client who has canceled as stipulated in the service operation policy.

18. Forced Termination

18.1. In the following cases, the Company may terminate the service contract at its sole discretion without further consultation with the Client.

  1. In case the Client does not take appropriate measures regarding the unpaid usage fee within the period specified in the service contract

  2. If the information entered in the service application form is found to be false

  3. When a Client intentionally interferes with the company’s service operation and causes loss to the company

  4. In case of violating the obligations of the Client stipulated in Article 10 and not taking appropriate measures for a considerable period of time in response to the company’s request for resolution

  5. Where appropriate measures have not been taken for a considerable period of time in response to the request for resolution of the SENTIENCE against Article 15

  6. When the purpose and method of using the Client’s service violates domestic and international laws and a government agency requests termination of the service through a legitimate procedure.

  7. When it is necessary to delete the relevant information to protect the personal information of Clients who have not used the service for one year.

18.2. In the case of 1, 2, 4 or 5 of 18.1., SENTIENCE may request the Client to resolve the problem within the specified period. Nevertheless, SENTIENCE may terminate the service contract if the Client fails to take the necessary action to resolve the issue.

18.3. If there is no usage history for one year after signing this Agreement, the contract may be terminated after notifying the Client. However, in this case, advance notice of the Client will be processed in the manner specified in Article 8.

19. Service Usage Fee

19.1. SENTIENCE will post usage fees and any changes thereto on the website.

19.2. Unless there is a special reason, even if the service fee is changed during the service contract period, the changed service fee is not applied retroactively to the entire Contract Period.

19.3. SENTIENCE may issue credits to Clients that can be used when using the service. At this time, the details of this Agreement of use of credits and other operating policies are as posted on the service website.

20. Service usage fee calculation and settlement

20.1. The service fees shall be billed on a monthly term following the service start date.

20.2. (deleted)

21. Payment and billing of usage fees

21.1. SENTIENCE will issue an invoice to the Client by e-mail notified by the Client in the month in which the usage fee is incurred, and the Client must pay the amount charged on or before the payment date specified in advance by SENTIENCE.

21.2. The payment method for the service use is as follows.

  • If the Client subscription type is South Korean or domestic (established in South Korea): Choose between credit card and bank transfer

  • In case of Client subscription type other than the above: Credit card only

21.3. SENTIENCE will send an invoice via e-mail in advance so that the Client can be notified and receive the bill for service usage at least 5 days before the payment date.

21.4. If the Client does not pay the usage fee within the payment due date, SENTIENCE will notify the unpaid usage fee via e-mail. For unpaid usage charges, an additional charge (1.5% of the monthly unpaid amount) is added and re-billed.

21.5. If the Client does not pay the service fee by the end of the following month, SENTIENCE may terminate the service in accordance with the procedures and methods specified in this Agreement and posted on the service website.

22. Responsibility for payment

The Client is responsible for paying the service fee. However, if the Client designates a person responsible for paying the service charge, the Client and the person responsible for paying the service charge shall be jointly responsible for the payment of the service charge. In this case, the Client must provide a confirmation of responsibility of the person in charge of payment in advance.

23. Appeal against the bill

23.1. If the Client disagrees with the billed usage fee, the Client may formally object to SENTIENCE in writing or via e-mail.

23.2. We review the official objection document or e-mail within 7 business days of receiving it and notify the Client of the result. In the event of failure to notify the Client of the outcome related to the above-mentioned objection within the specified time period, SENTIENCE will notify the Client of the reason for the delay.

24. Refund of the Service Fee

24.1. SENTIENCE may offset the overpaid amount from the Client’s next month’s usage fee if there is an overpayment in the usage fee paid by the Client.

24.2. If the Client requests a refund for the overpaid amount prior to the offset, SENTIENCE will return the amount to the Client.

25. Compensation for Damages

25.1. If the service fails to achieve and maintain the service level guaranteed by the company due to reasons attributable to SENTIENCE, SENTIENCE will compensate according to the Service Level Agreement (hereinafter referred to as “SLA”). If the “SLA” for the service is not determined due to the circumstances of SENTIENCE, the “SLA” of the Analytics service is applied mutatis mutandis, but the level of compensation for damages is subject to the following.

Monthly Availability Service Credit

99.0% or more ~ less than 99.9%

10% of the monthly fee

95.0% or more ~ less than 99.0%

25% of the monthly fee

Less than 95.0%

50% of the monthly fee

  • Monthly Availability(%) is calculated as 100 X [1-{total duration of interruption during one month of using the Service, due to the Company’s fault / total duration of the Service during the one month of using the Service}]

  • Duration of Interruption is measured from the moment the Client notifies the Company of their inability to use the Service or the moment the Company becomes aware of an inability to use the Service before being notified by the Client.

  • Monthly Fee exempts one-time payments such as prepayment.

25.2 If the Client wishes to claim indemnification of damages, the Client must fill in the amount they wish to claim, basis of calculation, and description of the interruption, and request to the Company within 30 days from the date of interruption.

25.3. SENTIENCE’s liability for damages caused by the Client’s failure to use the service is limited to those specified in the “SLA”, and SENTIENCE does not take any responsibility for indirect damages such as the Client’s expected profit.

25.4. This Article applies only to Clients who use TENTUPLAY services for a fee, and does not take any responsibility for damages incurred by Clients who use the service for free through free services or events.

26. Client Compensation for Damages

26.1. The Client agrees to indemnify SENTIENCE’s executives and employees, agents, partners, and licensees in the event of a dispute due to the following reasons, and agree to avoid any damage to them.

  • The Client violates or infringes on this Agreement, applicable laws and related laws

  • Actions taken by SENTIENCE as investigating suspected violations of this Agreement or judging that violations of these Terms have occurred

26.2. If the Client indemnifies SENTIENCE for damages, the amount of damage actually incurred, including, but not limited to, SENTIENCE’s legal expenses, other expenses, and the amount of damages arising from the above-mentioned claims, shall be forwarded.

26.3. Article 25 applies mutatis mutandis to the procedure in case SENTIENCE claims damages against the Client.

27. Limitation of Liability

27.1. Notwithstanding the other provisions of this Agreement, SENTIENCE shall not comply with applicable law for any loss or damage arising in connection with the contractual obligations or torts (including negligence), even if it is foreseeable in the following cases: We are not liable to the maximum extent permitted.

  1. In case of force majeure such as natural disaster or war.

  2. In case of Client’s intention (including unwritten intention), omission, or negligence

  3. Failure to telecommunication services provided by service providers other than SENTIENCE

  4. In case the service is stopped after prior notice due to unavoidable circumstances such as service diagnosis, except when the service is stopped by SENTIENCE intentionally or due to gross negligence

  5. In the event that SENTIENCE has suspended the service for the execution of periodic inspections notified in advance pursuant to Article 11.

  6. When the Client’s use exceeds the service range defined in the service contract

  7. In case of damage to the Client himself or a third party due to inaccuracy or inappropriateness of the information posted by the Client on the service

  8. In case of infringement due to Client’s negligence of system security management

  9. If the service is interrupted due to a national emergency, national network failure, or equivalent force majeure

  10. When the service is interrupted to prevent the spread of accidents that occurred in the Client’s system using the service

  11. In case of service failure due to illegal infringement from outside even though SENTIENCE has taken protective measures in accordance with relevant laws and regulations

  12. When a Client uses the free service

27.2. The maximum cumulative amount of indemnity that SENTIENCE is liable for all damages, losses and causes of litigation arising out of contracts or torts (including negligence) is: The greater of the total sum paid by the Client to the company for use of the service within the previous 6 months, and (B) USD 1,000. Limitations of liability are intended to serve the interests of the Company and its affiliates and their successors and assigns of any kind (including this and other provisions of this Agreement).

27.3. SENTIENCE shall not compensate any damages contract or tort or loss of information, including, but not limited to, special, direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, consequential or loss of profit, savings, disruption of business, loss of information, etc. We are not responsible for any other damages incurred in connection with other services.

27.4. Class Action Waiver: Any actions, lawsuits, or shall be conducted solely on an individual basis and the Parties expressly waive any right to bring any action, lawsuit, or proceeding as a class or collective action, private attorney general action, or in any other proceeding in which any party acts or proposes to act in a representative capacity.

28. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

28.1. This Agreement is governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea regardless of the principle of conflict of law and where the Client is located.

28.2. The Client and SENTIENCE permanently agree to the exclusive jurisdiction and jurisdiction of the Seoul Central District Court, and waive the right to object to the inconvenient jurisdiction of the jurisdiction.

29. Liability Exemption

29.1. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, the Service is provided “as is,” to the extent “effective”, and SENTIENCE provides conditions, quality, durability, performance, accuracy, reliability, suitability for commercial or special purposes, and No guarantees are made, either implicitly or expressly, of any content, including, but not limited to, prevention of infringement, or smooth service, error prevention, prevention of harmful elements, security, or prevention of damage or loss of functions or data.

29.2. SENTIENCE does not represent or guarantee the validity, accuracy, reliability, quality, stability, completeness of the information provided by the Service to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law.

30. Severability

If any provision of this Agreement is held invalid or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, the remaining provisions of this Agreement will remain in full force and effect, and the provision affected will be construed so as to be enforceable to the maximum extent permissible by law.

31. Waiver

The failure by SENTIENCE to enforce any provision of this Agreement will not constitute a waiver of future enforcement of that or any other provision. The waiver of any such right or provision will be effective only if in writing and signed by a duly authorized representative of SENTIENCE.

32. Compliance with Trade Laws

As a condition for Client to purchase and/or use the Service, Client shall protect all applicable data, including EU Dual Use Export Controls, US Export Administration Regulations, International Traffic in Arms Regulations, and international and national economic sanctions programs and agree to comply with import, re-import, sanctions, anti-boycott, export control laws and national export control systems. All Client information uploaded by Clients or end users may be hosted on the company’s worldwide located servers, so Clients are not allowed to upload any information listed in the relevant trade restriction list and are responsible for preventing end users from uploading prohibited information.

Clients may not be bound by the United Nations Security Council, the U.S. National Security Council, the U.S. government (e.g., a list of U.S. Government agencies' list of specially designated countries in the European Union and other countries' foreign sanctions Client states), and the list of entities subject to sanctions. We confirm and warrant that they are not specified.

33. Language

The language of all means of communication posted or notified by SENTIENCE under this Agreement shall be in South Korean. In this case, SENTIENCE may provide English translations for the user’s convenience. However, if SENTIENCE provides an English translation of this Agreement, or provides an English translation in posting or notifying, the Korean version shall prevail for any inconsistency between the Korean and English translations. Nevertheless, Clients can choose to proceed in Korean or English as a means of communication about the SENTIENCE.