About TentuPlay

TentuPlay consists of highly automated AI solutions that provide personalization tools that can be leveraged for more engaging gameplay experiences. Types of users, the cause of low user retention rate, and motivation behind in-app purchases are one of the many aspects that we analyze to enable a deeper understanding of players and genuine personalization in CRM. You can maximize your revenue by presenting each user with personalized offers that fulfill their distinct needs!

About this guide

This guide contains the conceptual, procedural, and referential information about TentuPlay JavaScript SDK. It is intended and written for software developers who are in charge of integrating their Web application with TentuPlay service.

If you are new to TentuPlay, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with TentuPlay Unity SDK documentation first that contains more comprehensive information about the console, analytics, and use cases. It will give you an aid for understanding how an integration with TentuPlay can be done.

  • The figures and screenshots in this guide are given for illustration purposes only and may differ from the actual product.

  • Due to continuous technological improvements, the guide may not contain the most updated information. For further information not covered in this guide, please contact us at TentuPlay Discord.


The following symbols are used throughout this guide. Make sure that you fully understand each symbol and follow the instructions accompanied.

Symbol Meaning Description



Indicates a situation that demands prompt and careful action, a specific remedy, or emergency attention



Emphasizes essential information required for user success



Provides important supplemental information that might enhance users' understanding or alternative steps to accomplish their goals

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