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Get Started

What is the first step in adding TENTUPLAY to my game?

How do I make the first TENTUPLAY API call in Unity?

How do I collect game log data?

How do I know if data collection was successful?

How do I use Personalized Offers?

How do I create an AI In-Game Shop based offer?

Personalized Offer

How do I set up the target user to provide personalized offers?

How do I set the promotion period?

How do I set the style, such as a promotion layout?

Where can I find the results of the promotion?

AI In-Game Shop

How many types of AI In-Game Shop based on psychographic personas are there?

What is the example of an AI In-Game Shop for players who grows fast?

Nonpaying users do not make any purchases. What would AI In-Game Shop to them?


When and why do players leave your game?

When and why do players make in-app purchases? What do they buy?

When and why do players watch ads? What do they watch?

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