Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Can I create multiple projects?

Yes. You can create more than one projects if necessary.

Which game genre benefits the most and the least from TentuPlay?

TentuPlay uses different methods for different genres, but the AI is designed to adapt to any game environment in a similar manner. Regardless of genre, you will see an increase in LTV.

Cost and time investment for product integration?

Depends on the game size (MAU) & genre, and company size. On average, indie studios take less than 6 hours, and mid-to-large studios take about 2 to 3 days.

Which language does TentuPlay support?

It supports English, Korean, and Japanese.

Can TentuPlay provide a free trial period?

Yes, please consult a sales person at TentuPlay.

What are the games that are currently using TentuPlay?

Games from MMORPG and idle to SNG and narratives are currently using TentuPlay; MAU is as high as 3 hundred thousand. The exact titles cannot be revealed due to an NDA contract.

How is TentuPlay better than internal BI and O&M teams?

Low cost & Time-efficient & our AI algorithm is built on numbers of games, which means that we can easily adapt to any game environment at ease with promising performance.

What is included in Basic Analytics?

Basic Analytics includes daily/weekly/monthly retention and conversion statistics along with details about Paying Users and IAP. Cohort Analysis, Dormant Users, and In-Game Economy Analytics are included in Advanced Analytics.

Can I change my project’s time zone?

You can choose your time zone when creating a project. However, you cannot change the time zone once you set it. If you want to change the time zone, you need to create a new project.

How is the exchange rate applied on payment if I use a foreign currency?

In TentuPlay, a foreign exchange rate to be applied on a payment is based on the basic exchange rate of the previous business day. Thus, the cleared payment amount may differ from the original payment amount due to exchange rate fluctuations.

Does TentuPlay provide any consulting service?

We do not provide a standardized consulting service, but you may always set up a call with TentuPlay’s manager who is assigned to your project.