Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In-App Messages

Can I create messages for individual users besides all users or specific segments?

Basically, you cannot create a message by entering a user ID directly. However, you can select a specific user ID in "Segment > PU Management > VIP Management" and "Segment > PU Management > NPU Management" to create an in-app message for them.

Can we send push notifications on TentuPlay’s console?

No. TentuPlay only supports in-game messages and pop-ups.

When you run a campaign, will a message be sent immediately after a player triggers a delivery point during the campaign period?

No. In-app messages with a campaign duration will be sent within one hour after triggering a delivery point.

Is there a validation function to prevent wrongful use of in-app messages?

Yes. There is an API for offer verfication. See the following section for more information:

Offer verfication API

Can I edit a campaign after creating it?

Yes or No. If the campaign has not started yet, you can edit everything in the campaign. However, once the campaign has started, you can only edit the campaign name, a part of the campaign schedule (such as the campaign end date), or both. If you want to modify the target, message, or delivery conditions, you can make a copy of the campaign you want to edit.

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