Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Personalized Offers

Can we forcibly trigger a certain delivery point?

No. But TentuPlay is considering making an update on custom events.

Can we type in multiple user ids as a list on the console?

You can manually create an audience group by typing in as many user ids as you want. You may also select and create offers for specific user ids from the whale & new paying user list on the console.

Can we send push notifications on TentuPlay’s console?

No. TentuPlay only supports in-game messages and pop-ups.

What is the difference between “Send Immediately” and “Campaign”?

“Send Immediately”, as it stands, sends a designated offer immediately to your target audience. (For example, you can immediately send a 20% discount coupon to Player AAA, ABC, and XYZ) “Campaign” runs over a designated period and sends a designated offer to players who trigger a designated delivery point during that time period. (For example, you can create a campaign to send a 20% discount coupon to any player who reaches stage 11 in the next two weeks).

When you run a campaign, will an offer be sent immediately after a player triggers a delivery point?

No. All offers for a campaign are sent all together the day after triggering a delivery point in UTC.

Is there a validation function to prevent wrongful use of personalized offers?

Yes. There is an API for offer verfication. See the following section for more information:

Offer verfication API

Can I edit a campaign after creating it?

Yes and No. You are only allowed to edit the scheduling of a campaign that has already been created. If you need to make changes to the offer details and target audience, you can make a copy of the campaign you want to edit.

Deep link contains information on your target product. Please refer to these two websites for a guide on how to create a deep link:

Can we change the pricing (of in-game items) on the console?

No, you must register each pricing on Google Play or App Store, before TentuPlay can implement them in an offer.