Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Account management

Do I have to join an organization or create a new one?

Yes, it's because all the user accounts and projects are managed at the organization level. To start using TentuPlay, you need to either create an organization and invite other accounts to your organization or join an organization by accepting an invitation from the owner of the organization.

Can one user account be a member of multiple organizations?

No. An account can only be a member of one organization.

What if I grant project permissions to users who are not part of my organization?

You can invite users who do not belong to your organization to your projects, but they will be automatically assigned the organization's Guest role and will not have any permissions to the organization. However, if you edit their organization role to Owner or Member, they will be able to access the organization.

Who pays for usage incurred by users belonging to an organization?

An organization is responsible for paying for all usage, data used by the organization's accounts. The organization owner or billing administrator has the invoice access and payment account role and is responsible for payment of all charges incurred within the organization.

What I need to invite users to my organization or project?

In order to invite new users to an organization or project, you must have the "Owner" role for the organization or project.