Evalute offers

You can check out an offer’s performance in the Personalized Offers > PO Management page of TentuPlay console.

  1. Select a time period in the upper right corner to view the results of a personalized offer during the period.

  2. Evaluate the outcomes.

    • Sends : The number of offers sent

    • Impressions : The number of offers received by user devices

    • Opens : The numbers of offers that were opened by users who received the offers

    • Opens (%) : (Opens / Impressions ) × 100

    • Conversions: Number of times an offer meets the goals set while creating the promotion

    • Conversion Rate : (Conversions / Impressions ) × 100

      • You can see send time under Immediate Offer right after sending offers. Other performance indicators than send time are updated within 24 hours after sending.

      • All the performance indicators of a Campaing Offer are updated within 24 hours of the campaign start date.