public int DismissCharacter(
    string player_uuid,
    string character_uuid,
    string characterarchetype_slug


DismissCharacter collects the data of the player’s destruction of a character. It needs to be called when an event of a character destruction occurs during or at the start of game. It can be used for the analysis of personas about character acquisition and destruction.

A character acquisition denotes the possession of a character whereas a character destruction refers to a state of not having the character any more because the player has sold it away or consumed it as an ingredient to make something. Character destruction may not exist in certain games.

It returns 1 for success and -1 for failure. If -1 is returned, you can see the following message in the Unity editor console in TentuPlay debug mode:

TPError||ERROR inserting table_name: exception_error_message


Name Description Required


Player’s unique ID (not a character’s ID) such as Steam user ID and Google Play user ID



Player’s character’s unique lD

If there is no character in the game or If you want to use it for the player, not a character, set character_uuid to TentuPlayKeyword._DUMMY_CHARACTER_ID_.



Unique identifier of the character’s archetype