Configure offers

Set When, Where, How, and to Whom to Send Deals.

This page explains how to configure a personalized offer using the Tentuplay console with regard to when, what, and to whom to send.

Create personalized offers

Let’s create a personalized offer in the TentuPlay console.

  1. Go to Personalized Offers > PO Management, and click Create Offer.

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    Alternatively, you can click Send Offer after selecting users in Personalized Offers > PU Management > VIP Management or NPU Management.

  2. Choose an offer type between Immediate Offer and Campaign Offer.

    Immediate Offer

    For cases where you want to create and immediately send an offer to selected users

    Campaign Offers

    For cases where you want to set a date range and send offers to users to hit adjustable triggers within that time period

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  1. Populate the required information to create an offer as shown in the next section.

Configure personalized offers

To complete an offer generation, we’ll look closer at what makes up an personalized offer. There are two or three steps you need to do depending on offer type – Style, Target, and Scheduling that is applicable to Campaign Offer only.


Style is the first stage you encounter after clicking Create Offer.

Name Description Note

Offer Name

Type an offer name

For reference only and hidden to users


Select a screen orientation of device

When you click ADD LANGUAGE, the pop-up window appears that lets you enter the following Content information.

Name Description Note


Language Code

Type the SDK language code

Two-letter codes (for example, en, ko)

Message Title

Type the title of offer message that users will see when an offer is sent


Enter the URL of image

Both web links and deep links are allowed


Enter the event that is connected to the message

Both web links and deep links are allowed

When you have entered all the necessary information, click SAVE.

Now, the SEND TO TESTER button becomes available. It allows you to send the offer to specified testing devices to check whether it works correctly in advance. For more information, see Testing Offers.



When you click NEXT in the Style page, Target comes next.

create campaign offer target
Name Description Note


Product and Price information are only for reference, and do not affect the offer when sent


Target User

Configure the target users who will receive the offer

  • All: Select to send to all users.

  • User ID: If you selected users in the VIP management or NPU management page, then the user IDs are populated automatically. If you want to specify other users, you can type their ids manually.


Set how long the offer is valid

  • Validity Period After Delivery: Select a validity period of the offer after it is sent. For example, if the validity period is set to 48 hours and the offer is sent on January 1, 09:00, the offer can be viewed until January 3, 08:59.

  • Validity Period After View: Select a validity period of the offer after it is viewed by the user. For example, if the validity period is set to 48 hours and the offer is sent on January 1, 09:00, but the user opens the offer at January 1, 15:00, then the offer can be viewed until January 3, 14:59.

Delivery Point

Set triggers for when and to which users a certain product will be promoted. For example, you can set specific triggers such as "When a level 3 or higher player plays STAGE1_3 with a BattleAxe equipped".

When a user meets the conditions set in the Delivery Point field, the user will receive the campaign offer at 09:00 the following day.

For campaign offer only

If you are finished, do the steps that follow depending on offer type:

  • For immediate offers, click SEND to complete the step.

    How to view a immediate offer in demo game
    1. After sending an offer, start ShingGoongDemo and play the game.

    2. Once you reach a game over state, check the offer mailbox in the upper right corner.

    After sending an immediate offer, you can view the performance at Personalized Offers > PO Management. You can also change details from a previously sent offer and send it again. To learn more about personalized offers performance indicators, see Evaluating Offers.

  • For campaign offers, click NEXT to proceed.


Scheduling is available for campaign offers only.

There is one more step to configure in the case of campaign offer. In Scheduling, you can set the start and end date of a campaign offer. The offer will be sent once to users who play during the period, and the trigger will be the delivery point set while creating the offer.

For example, if a promotion is set to happen between January 1, 00:00:00 and January 12, 00:00:00, and a user hits the target conditions on January 3, they will receive the offer the next day at 09:00. The offer will not be sent any more since then.

How to view a campaign offer in demo game
  1. After creating a campaign offer, start ShingGoongDemo and play the game.

  2. Get to the delivery point during the campaign period by meeting the condition configured when creating the campaign.

    Offers are sent at 09:00 the day after a campaign trigger is hit by a user.
  3. Play ShingGoongDemo the next day and check the offer mailbox when you hit a game over state.

After creating a campaign, you can check the performance of a campaign at Personalized Offers > PO Management.

  • If you want to stop an ongoing campaign, click the toggle switch under Activate to turn it off.

  • If you delete an active campaign, the campaign will be ended immediately.

  • You can also create a new campaign by editing an existing campaign.

See Evaluating Offers for more information.