Configure personas

Set the personas to be used in the AI In-Game Shop and utilize the analytical metrics for more efficient management.

The Settings/Overview page of AI In-Game Shop gives an overview of the entire AI In-Game Shop when it comes to the main metrics of each segment. It also lets you choose the persona groups to be used in the AI in-game shop according to your expectations.

The Settings/Overview page

To learn more about personas used in TentuPlay, see Personas.

Set active personas

If you see a persona whose performance is worse than expected in AI In-Game Shop > Persona Analysis, you can turn off the persona to disable both its analysis and its message transmission.

Activated personas
  1. Click AI In-Game Shop > Setting/Overview in the console.

  2. Click the toggle switches of the personas that you want to configure under Activate to turn them off or on. Depending on whether they are active or not, they will produce the different outcomes.

    • If the Active toggle is set to off, all the analysis and messages stop working from the next day.

    • If the Active toggle is set to on, the AI In-Game Shop messages are sent and the analysis of persona-based segments can be found in AI In-Game Shop > Persona Analysis.

View how each persona performs

You can go over the analysis results of personas in the following two pages in the console:

  • AI In-Game Shop > Settings/Overview gives a summary

  • AI In-Game Shop > Persona Analysis gives more information by each metric

First, go to Settings/Overview for checking the overall metrics. Then, if you have any personas on which you want to have further analysis, refer to the Persona Analysis page.

You can increase retention rate, revenue, and in-game ad views by using the characteristics of personsa that has are performing well.

Persona overview

The AI In-Game Shop > Settings/Overview page provides basic information about a segment such as the number of players that fall into the segment and its ARPPU.

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Persona overview
  • # of Players: The numbers of players within the noted segment.

  • ARPPU (Average Revenue Per Paying User): The average amount that a single paying user spends.

Persona analysis

The AI In-Game Shop > Persona Analysis page consists of the following subordinate pages by the type of indicators:

  • Notable Personas helps find out which personas have the most influence on retention, IAPs, and in-game ad watches.

  • Retention shows the analysis of retention rate by persona

  • In-App Purchases shows the analysis of IAP rate by persona

TentuPlay devides players into both persona-based and purchased-based segments. Thus, a user can be included in two or more segments.