Hourglass analysis

Evaluate the marketability of the product intuitively.

In evaluating the marketability of a product with just three methods (Join, Login, InAppPurchase), key metrics such as number of core users, profitability, and product lifecycle are shown in an intuitive chart model so that the data can be used for efficient management of products.

Hourglass chart: classification and distribution of user engagement

Product activity can be determined by classifying users into wandering users, motivated users, and churn users based on join dates and attendance events. The lifespan and marketability of the product can be extended by continuously maintaining settlers.


Additional metric for hourglass chart: user loyalty and profitability

The marketability of products can be evaluated, not only through the classification distribution of users, but through additional metrics such as attendance frequency, number of buyers, revenue, and average login days. Additional metrics enable you to evaluate the marketability and profitability of products in detail and predict the future.