Detailed analysis

Understand your product through data analysis.

You can collect and analyze the most essential data for your product using just four methods. The Details page in the TentuPlay console provides the information about Active Users, Retention, and Revenue. It gives the insights that you need to improve your game operations.

Active users

How many users are in your product?

Identify the number of genuine users and how many of them are new users. Evaluate your marketing performances by assessing the KPIs around marketing events.



How much IAP revenue is your product making?

IAP revenue is one of the most important monetization factors. Find the most profitable patterns of IAP and apply them to your future events to induce higher sales.



What are the frequently purchased products?

Check the IAP rate per product so that you can manage your products more efficiently and establish effective marketing strategies including promotional events.



How many users are revisiting the next day?

Check the revisit rate to understand how your users are reacting to in-app events and updates.