Test offers

Check out AI in-game shop offers before they reach your users

TentuPlay provides a QA function to visualize and optimize AI in-game shop offers on your user’s screen. You can inspect and edit the layout of the offers on your own testing devices.

Set up test devices

A test device is a game client with SDK installed that is assigned to receive personalized offers. It allows you to check whether the offers that you created will appear correctly on player’s screen beforehand.

Find device ID

To set a test device, you need to know its device ID. You can identify your device ID by searching it using player ID because you’re not likely to know your device ID from the beginning.

  1. Go to the profile center at the bottom of the sidebar and click on the Project Settings.

    project settings
  2. Click SDK Status in Project Settings.

  3. Click QUERY to retrieve the player uuid list.

    sdkstatus EN
  4. Copy or Record the target player ID.

Add test devices

Now, we’ll register test devices using the player ID.

  1. Click Test Device Settings in Project Settings.

  2. Enter the player ID in the Player ID box under Search Condition and click QUERY to list the available devices.

  3. Select the target devices after cross-referencing the registration date with the player ID.

    testeradd EN
  4. Click ADD AS TESTER.

Test device nickname settings

You assign a tag to easily manage devices individually or by group. It will help you when you identify the owner or role of each device, or when you want to test on multiple devices at once.

selected EN

Send a test offer

You can send a test offer while editing offers.

  • Before you start, make sure that you have uploaded a product information csv file (Both purchasable_slug and store are required).

  • The first row value of the purchasable_slug column in the csv file appears as the recommended product in the test offer.

  • The test offers are valid for one hour after sending.

  1. Click AI In-Game Shop > Shop Operation > Setting/Management > Shop Settings tab in the console.

  2. Click the EDIT MESSAGE button of a target persona to edit.

  3. Click SEND TO TESTER.

  4. Select the test devices and click Send.

    devicesend EN
  5. Examine the offer in Roblox Studio.

    If the offer has been successfully delivered, you will be able to check it on display at Roblox Studio. You can always go back to the console and edit the offer as many times as you want.

    result ai roblox