PvP from the jump


The goal is to identify users who go for PvP right after joining the game but lose again and again, guide them to items and characters winners use, and increase their retention and revenues thereby.


It is the most important for this persona group to play better than others. However, they keep losing in PvP since they are just low-level beginners with less experience and items.

User Expectation

Items and characters that will make them win in PvP.


RPG, strategy, action

Required APIs

Default message

A Special Recommendation for the PvP Lover!

You’re focused on PvP! Your winrate is in the top { pvp_top_player_ratio }% You used { pvp_recommended_characters } to win.Here’s a recommendation for an item that works well with these characters.

Parameter Description


The ratio of top pvp player


The name of character used for pvp having the highest winning rate